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What is Bush Hogging?

Bush hogging is a cost effective and quick way to cut everything from grass to heavy brush using a large, heavy duty mower and tractor. Clearing an overgrown lot can be an overwhelming task, but bringing in a bush hog will have it cleared off in a short matter of time.

Why Choose Brook View Farm Service?

If you need a bush hogging service, you can depend on Brook View Farm Service to do a quality job at an inexpensive price. We realize there are a few other local bush hogging services you could choose to hire, but quite frankly we think we are the best. When it comes to bush hogging, field mowing, brush mowing, underbrush mowing, and pasture mowing, we do the best work and we do it at reasonable prices. So if you want a quality bush hogging job at a price you can afford, then you should choose us to do the work for you. The acreage doesn't matter and we take on both small and large bush hogging jobs. We'll show up when we say we will and we'll do a reliable job for you. All you need to do is fill out our contact form and tell us what you need mowed. We'll get back to you as quick as we can with a quote.

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Will Vary Based on the Following:


*Land Type (Fields, Hills, Rocky Terrain, etc.)

*Type of Clearing (Weeds, Small Trees, etc.)


*Clean Up

*Distance to Job